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My news

10-10-2020eSpring special deal!

Look out for the eSpring™ special anniversary deal from Tuesday 15th September until Thursday 15th October, purchase an eSpring™ unit and receive a set of 4 eSpring Glass Bottles as a free gift! (whilst promotional stock lasts).

10-10-2020G&H PROTECT+ Instant Hand Cleanser

Instantly cleanse your hands!
Contains 70% alcohol.
The 500 ml bottle makes effective cleansing easier for the whole family.
Contains glycerin, which helps to regulate the moisture balance of the skin.
No animal-derived ingredients.
Does not contain perfumes or irritants.

Order No. 125211
Retail Price: £11.35 (UK)

10-10-2020ARTISTRY STUDIO™ - Shanghai Edition

Immerse yourself in magical floral scents, wear your favourite reds and be inspired by the city´s opulent silks and fashions. This collection is elegant and bold. Just like you!

15-10-2019Kids Omega3 coming soon!

Kids have lots of important stuff to do like growing, playing, learning and having fun. And they need the right nutrients to make the most of every moment. But even kids who eat well may have potential nutritional gaps – and getting them to eat their fruits, vegetables and fish can seem like the toughest task in the world.

15-10-2019ARTISTRY SS MASKS coming soon!

Treat yourself to the latest selection of uniquely designed beauty MASKS and start believing!

Artistry Signature Select presents a one of a kind set of masks that can be used on specific areas of your face, and make your treatment more personalised.

Believe us when we say there isn't a better solution for your skin out there. All you have to do is apply!

Hydrating Mask
Firming Mask
Brightening Mask
Purifying Mask Polishing Mask
Available from October 23th

23-06-2019Your Body is your Home!

From May 24th, 2019, NUTRILITE For Me Kits delivers the total package is available with a 5% discount on the regular price.

Each kit perfectly meets the specific needs for different life stages and lifestyles.

The NUTRILITE™ For Me Kits will only be available for six months from May 24th, 2019 until the end of November!

DO NOT MISS IT! Orders Numbers: 294850 294854 294852 294853 294545 294957

23-06-2019bodykeyTM IN MOTION BUNDLE

Managing your weight can be a struggle. The solution? Keep it simple, keep it fun. Our bodykeyTM IN MOTION Bundles are powerful support for living healthier that let you enjoy yourself. Our bodykeyTM IN MOTION Bundles combine the best benefits of bodykeyTM by NUTRILITETM weight management products and a NUTRILITETM supplement for internal balance and includes Wireless Earbuds by bodykeyTM.

Bundle with CHOCO flavour No 293246

Bundle with Tropical flavour No 293247

23-06-2019New DOUBLE X

Did you know that DOUBLE X is the number one selling multivitamin multimineral with phytonutrients from five colour groups?

The new formula based on the latest science provides a prime quality food supplement like never before. The human body is an ecosystem that is constantly attempting to maintain inner balance to function optimally– and for this, proper nutrition is vital.

Buy Double X™and receive a refill at a 30% discounted price, No294203
and receive a refill at 20%, No292409

23-06-2019Opportunity Dubai2020!!!

Amway offers a low-risk, low-cost opportunity that is open to everyone!

If I invite you, will you go with me?

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