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Welcome to my personal page.

Health is a priority for everyone. If we know how to look after ourselves and our loved ones with adequate nutrition knowledge, we would optimize our health conditions and avoid lots of pain and tragedy.

With 17 years of nutrition learning and practicing experience, I have helped hundreds of people to optimize their health conditions and recover from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach problems, headache, miscarriage, etc.

I just list a couple of cases here which will give you an overview.

Mr. Yang had 22 years of high blood pressure problems. 2 years ago he had cerebral infarction and stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. After taking my nutrition advice, his blood pressure maintained stable and normal for over half a year now.

Mrs. Wu and her husband are both doctors. They have been married for over 10 years and been trying so hard to have a baby. With 3 times of IVF failure, they lost their courage and confidence. After taking my advice, 4 months later, Mrs. Wu was pregnant. Their son is 9 months now. Healthy and happy!

Mrs. Chen had 1 daughter and 1 son then pregnant with the third baby last year. Her second child was 2 months preborn and been suffering from low immune problems since born, especially during wintertime. Unfortunately, due to her body condition, the third baby was preborn again after 6 and a half months pregnant. He was only 1 kg after born. With my nutrition advice, he is over 15 kg now after 1 year. A healthy, strong, and happy boy!


Feel free to contact me. I would like to make new friends and help you meet the better and healthier you!

Stay well and be happy every day!

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