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As a customer you can now have Amway products delivered directly to your home - Register online, place your order, pay with card or PayPal and your products are on the way.....

We are happy that you have chosen to visit us. Louisa and I are experienced, Amway Business Owners - if you require further information on the Amway Business Opportunity we can arrange a personal meeting with you. We are actively looking for new team members throughout UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond - so contact us now for further information.

Amway is an exciting business and offers you the chance of taking control of your future.
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My news

17-03-2020New XS Power Drink Art Work

Take a look at the new branding

17-03-2020Have you Tried - Artistry Studio

Trendy, multi-functional products and colors,
inspired by the hottest cities in the
world & lifestyles around them

Please feel free to ask us anything you want to know....

17-03-2020Signature Select - Personalised skincare is here...

Ask for details.

23-11-2018Blogger’s Review of ARTISTRY™ Supreme LX 2018.10.03

Life’s a Catwalk is a blog started by Gemma which focuses on beauty, fashion & lifestyle. She shares her views on investing on premium skincare by reviewing ARTISTRY™ Supreme LX face and eye creams. She talks about the great result she got after using both products for two weeks.

Read More:

23-11-2018Teen-friendly with zero caffeine, free of taurine & preservatives

Juiced Power Drink, Green Apple Blast XS™
What It Does For You

Provides vitamin B that contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism Great-tasting Green Apple Blast flavour, delivers an instant hit of refreshment
Teen-friendly with zero caffeine, free of taurine & preservatives
With vitamin E to help protect cells from oxidative stress
Contains a special blend of baobab, acai and acerola cherry

12-04-2018XS Grate Taste Race

This is your chance to determine the destiny of your favourite XS flavour. Racing stakes are high - the last place finisher will be discontinued later this year to make room for XS™ Juiced Power Drink - Green Apple Blast. There are multiple ways to help power your favourite flavour ahead in the race:

1) each case sold during the race helps propel that flavour ahead
2) cast your vote on the XS Nation Europe facebook page, and give your favourite a boost during each stage of the race.

16-01-2018New bodykey Food bar NOW here

We are pleased to announce that the bodykey meal replacement meal bard are now here.
They are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and taste fantastic.
bodykey by NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Bars are a delicious, healthy way to get to your optimal you and your optimal weight.

What It Does For You

Contribute to weight loss and maintenance, but also great for healthy lifestyle seekers.
Provide a nutritionally balanced replacement for regular meals
Come in 2 flavours
Ask for details

16-01-2018New bodykey Soup

Coming soon look out for updates

30-08-2017XS Sports Nutrition

New for September

07-08-201715% of XS Bundle August offer

Buy 2 XS Power Drink cases of the same flavour and receive an exceptional 15% discount on our refreshing drinks.

Offer during August 2017

Why You Would Like It
Hot, sunny days have arrived and along with this comes a big thirst. You would love to have a chilled, tasty drink with no extra calories always in your hand. Great taste, zero sugar and low calories – this is what XS Power Drink is, and this is what you are looking for! In the summer you will appreciate it more than ever!
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