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Take a look at the NEW Glister Kids Oral Care


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12-06-2017New SA8 Baby Liquid

Have you tried the new SA8 Baby Liquid.
For more information just ask or details on the site

06-06-2017New Appetite Controller

Appetite Controller by Nutrilite is an exciting new product that empowers you to take control of your weight management. It is quick and easy to prepare starts work immediately and uses ingredients from NutriCert sustainable farms.

The food supplement powder is packaged in single-serve sachets and provides support for weight -loss and weight management.

Details available on website

05-06-2017Glister Kids is here

Toothpaste Glister™ Kids
Strawberry flavoured Glister™ kids toothpaste with fluoride helps strengthen and protect developing teeth.

Order number: 120519
Size: 85 gram convenient stand-up tube

Toothbrushes Glister™ Kids
Glister kids oral care toothbrushes are specially designed to care for the developing teeth and gums of kids ages two and up.

Order number: 120522

04-05-2017G&H New Range has arrived

Introducing the New G&H Range

Inspired by nature, our new G&H collection embodies a Gentle and Healthy approach to body care, suitable for the whole family!

Ensure that you are giving yourself and your family the best that comes from nature and experience the next generation of top-to-toe care with the G&H body care products.

The G&H body care line includes mild, sulphate-free and pH balanced formulas – effective yet gentle on the skin and safe to use by children from the age of 3.

26-04-2017Now Available

We are delighted to announce the arrival of an incredible new collection inspired by nature: essentials by ARTISTRY™

essentials by ARTISTRY represents a fantastic gateway collection – an affordable product range that’s perfect for introducing new customers to the wider Artistry Range

Click link for video
Please ask for more info

26-04-2017Coming in Apil

New G & H+ collection fo a flavou of what is coming in April 2017 click on the video

03-03-2017Take a closer look at Amway Home

The AMWAY HOME range of household cleaning products for laundry, surfaces and dishwashing, powered by BIOQUEST FORMULA™, deliver high performance cleaning. These unique formula blends contain naturally derived ingredients that not only provide superb cleaning, but are also gentle on the environment.

Amway Home link please click to view

03-03-2017XS™ Power Drink Bundle

XS™ Power Drink Bundle
Purchase 8 cases of XS Power Drink in different flavours and get 2 cases of XS Juiced Power Drink for free!*
* Promotional offer is valid for purchases from 02 March - 16 April 2017 or while stocks last.

Order number: 278132

For more information please ask

13-02-2017Here’s your February must have – overcome the frosty weather with revitalised skin!

Categories Newsroom ARTISTRY™ Promotion(s)
Start spring with your skin shining bright! Get a free ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ Rich Cleansing Foam after ordering one of our ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Creams and Lotions bundles.

February is a cold, yet magical time when winter gives way to the first sunbeams of spring. Your skin has experienced frosty weather conditions and dry, heated air treatment indoors until this point

16-01-2017NEW PRODUCT - Vitamin B Plus

We are delighted to announce the launch of NUTRILITE™ Vitamin B Plus with dual-action technology – an outstanding addition to Amway’s nutrition category. Among the leading, global vitamin brands, Nutrilite is the first and only with a B-complex vitamin supplement with dual-action technology*.

Fight fatigue and get the most out of every day, with this innovative dual-action vitamin B complex food supplement!

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