For over 50 years, corporate social responsibility has been crucial to Amway’s vision – helping people live better lives. This responsibility is enshrined in the Founders’ Fundamentals: freedom, family, hope and reward.


Founder's Fundamentals

Co-founders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos created the ethical and operational standards that continue to guide both the company and Amway Business Owners in all their activities. These founding principles are carved in stone outside the World Headquarters: Freedom, Family, Hope, and Reward.
Amway will always support the fundamental FREEDOM of people to determine their own future, allowing them the time and resources to protect and nurture their FAMILY. Amway will also always offer HOPE to individuals and the opportunity to earn REWARD in proportion to their efforts.


The Amway Vision

Our vision is simple – we work each and every day to help people live better lives. We achieve this vision by helping people everywhere discover their potential and achieve their goals, by offering better products and opportunities for the future and by sharing generously with the global community.
We take pride in our commitment to business excellence, caring for people and their communities, and our concern for the environment. We are committed to doing what is right, rather than doing just whatever 'works'.


Tax Strategy

Read more about our tax strategy and commitment to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to HMRC here.


Amway (EUROPE) Limited Employee Benefits Plan

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